Students Admission - Terms and Conditions*

It is mandatory for all parents to attend the Orientation Meeting with the - conducted on the School campus when the student is attending to the Aptitude Test.

The School Admission Fee and First Instalment of Annual School Fee has to be paid to the School - within the stipulated time (as mentioned in the letter of admission), failing which the admission would be offered to the candidate who is next in the order of merit in the Aptitude score.

All the newly admitted students need to get the School Uniform stitched by Uniform Supplier authorized by the School. The authorized supplier will be present on the campus on the dates of aptitude test and also on the first day of the academic year

Parents should not subscribe to DND services that block bulk messages sent from the School.

The School will not accept any part payment of any Instalment - whatever be the reason.

Please do not offer any tips in cash or kind to any employee on the campus - Any such demands may be reported to the Director/Registrar.